The creator of “Angelville”

The founder of Conductive Education is András Pető, a Hungarian physician Professor.

Dr. Pető’s interest in anything and everything that affected the life of mankind was probably determined at a young age.

He concentrated on training professionals to be able to work with children with Cerebral Palsy, which helped the development of qualifications for “conductors”.

The purpose of his life was to prove that there is a way to educate and develop a person with motor disabilities, help them find the right way to rehabilitation, if not alone, and then with the help of Conductive Education.

He designed different work methods to create a system which ensured his approach would not only survive, but also expand and develop.

After his death, Dr. Mária Hári, his student and colleague continued his work successfully and became the director of the Institute for the Motor Disordered and Conductors’ Training College.

Since then each and every manager has led the Institute in the spirit of Pető Professor and all the conductors and helpers follow his theory immovably.



Next time, I will describe what Conductive Education means and will also come with specific case studies soon.


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