Angelic destination or the primary goals of Conductive Education

One of the primary goals of Conductive Education (CE) is to teach a normal way of life. There are normal daily activities in the programs based on the normal rhythm of the day and normal routine of life. Integration is only possible when there is some order in the life of the dysfunctional person, so we need to use a program with a normal timetable and normal content. By normal I mean there is no difference between the daily routine of a healthy child and a Pető student, although special exercises controlled by conductors are included in this routine.

The next goal involves personality development. The importance of personality development is to transform a passive individual into one who is active. This usually happens after certain accidents which we must help affected people find the way back to their normal lives. In a nutshell, we must give them hope. In order to develop personality, we have to observe his problem-solving skills, his motor, functional, behavioral, communication and educational strategies.

Last but not least a very important thing is to reconstruct functioning which will require a different organizational strategy. This will be the method that has to be learnt and practiced. The method can be reached by discovery through the individual effort which is personal, educational, economical, functional and successful. The personal method is a personal strategy developed through an educational process of discovery in an appropriately motivating environment.


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