The ultimate satisfaction of a Conductor

For a conductor like me the most uplifting feeling is when a child picks up a new skill or learns something new. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a small thing or a really big step in his development. Examples include if he starts to creep, learns to start the movement of stepping, starts to walk without any help, learns to express a new voice or says a new word. Learning how to stand up independently, holding the spoon and driving it to his mouth while eating, or becoming a member of a group and following the rules of a community, these are the really valuable things.

Even if it’s a small thing such as learning to say your name. Imagine a child with very severe physical disability which affects also the muscles used for speaking and imagine he is able to say only a few words such as mom, Titi, tik-tak (the sound of the clock)… And imagine yourself teaching him your name, in my case: Iza. It doesn’t sound difficult at all. But sometimes it is. And imagine yourself waiting for him to learn it. And waiting and waiting and waiting…

Once it happened to me in my life. It took nearly 3 years, but finally he said: Iza. I’ve always been trying to explain the feeling since it happened to me but I am sure there are no words for it. That time I felt happiness in my heart, immense joy in all my soul and I really felt that angels are close to me.

I believe if there are angels on Earth, these children are them.


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