Elements of Conductive Education:Part II, the Programme

There are five important elements to facilitate the process of Conductive Education:

1.     The conductor

2.     The programme

3.     The task series

4.     Intention / Rhythmical Intention

5.     The group

The Programme is often described as complex but can be thought of as a planned learning programme.

It is a planned day by day program of learning and practicing. Each day’s program starts with waking up and finishes with going to bed as a normal daily routine, this includes getting out of bed, going to the toilet, washing hands, having breakfast etc. In a nutshell, it includes all the activities included in a normal daily routine of a normal lifestyle.

For school children it embraces academic lessons, playing with peers, eating, toileting etc. For adults it may include the full routine of living, working, hobbies and interests etc.

The reason why it’s crucial to have a programme in CE I think is that it is the only way to build task series into the daily routine thus constituting that. In general, tasks and movements are the same in all task series (obviously, these change as the development of the children moves forward), but the motivation and the solutions are different.

This helps children learn repetitive tasks, but the activity remains the same by the different methods for motivation.


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