Elements of Conductive Education: Part IV, The Rhythmical Intention

There are five important elements to facilitate the process of Conductive Education:

1.      The conductor

2.      The programme

3.      The task series

4.      Intention / Rhythmical Intention

5.      The group

The Rhythmical Intention is the method by which a child uses speech or inner speech to express an intention and is followed by movement, which is carried out rhythmically.

It also means the use of language to plan, imagine, intend and implement a movement because with the intention we give time for the children to carry out a movement. The intention can be different and diverse such as counting, short rhymes or songs.

The rhythmical intention helps develop the use of speech or inner speech. During the task series we repeat a lot of tasks, counting and singing together with the children. We always ask them to try to say all the tasks and intentions (except in a prone lying position) and sing together with the conductors.

One example:

Conductor says: I am standing straight.

Together with the children: I am standing straight. Straight, straight, straight.

And also we sing a song about standing straight.

With this we give them time to correct their standing position: turning their feet forward, stretch their knees and back, keep the trunk and the head in the middle.

The intention facilitates motor activity and regulates the motor act. It focuses attention on the movement and in addition gives children time to solve a task, the intention also controls speed and gives rhythm to the movement, the motion and the language of movement. Language movement and function develop together, taught and learnt together.


And at a later stage singing is always a good motivation for the children and provides a good atmosphere! 🙂


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