Elements of Conductive Education: Part V, The Group

There are five important elements to facilitate the process of Conductive Education:

1.      The conductor

2.      The programme

3.      The task series

4.      Intention / Rhythmical Intention

5.      The group

The Group is the basic unit in which the participants may be matched for ability and age.

When focusing on children, one of the most important things of the group is that they learn not only from their conductors but from their peers as well. In a group the children are encouraged to become ambitious to succeed. The group socializes the children to avoid adult orientation and prepares them for adulthood, for the “real life”.


The group encourages each to wait for attention or conversely to ask for help. In their life it is very important to learn how to ask for help. This is a crucial aspect as these children will probably have to ask help guite regularly in their adult lives.


The members of a group are aware and observe others solving similar problems and this can be a very good motivation for them. Children are always competing against each other and we have to use it as a benefit. Besides this, praising one child encourages another. They will certainly try to do their best by this to get the same praise as the other child received.

The children are given the chance to be responsible for themselves in a kindergarten group as a small society, and by this they are becoming able to take care of themselves easier.


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