The Elements of Conductive Education: Summary

I just finished a series focusing on the elements of Conductive Education containing 5 entries:

1.      The conductor

2.      The programme

3.      The task series

4.      Intention / Rhythmical Intention

5.      The group

In the first one, I wrote about the responsibilities of the conductors; the importance of the appropriate relationship between them and the children with disabilities.

The next one is about the programme and the relevance of it. This post talks about the similarity and also the difference of the daily routine of a normal lifestyle and the lifestyle of people with disabilities.

The task series episode is about the exercises the conductors built in the programme. It describes the importance of the active daily routine and the playful tasks which encourage the development of the kids easily without noticing it.

My favorite one was the post about the rhythmical intention. In this one I present the meaning of the intention through an example and I wrote about the power of the motivation what a song might give to the kids.

The last one is about the group as a small society which helps kids socialize and it also mentions that a child has to be in a fellowship preferably to get ready for adult life.


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