Inside the blogosphere: Discussing Conductive Education

A young conductor called Anne is writing about the importance of realistic feedback on a very interesting Conductive Education blog called Moving aHEAD – Conductive Consulting. She started a great discussion in this topic, take a look at it!
Anne writes:

„If you are not realistic, how can you teach appropriate behavioral responses? Some children and adults with movement disorders have behavior problems partly due to inappropriate feedback in their upbringing and daily life. You have to understand that this inappropriate feedback is because they love them and want to protect them from failing.”

Seeing this I just realized my mistakes as a beginner blogger. For example, I didn’t explain my thoughts in more details and I didn’t address that in my entries I focus on small kids rather than adults.

I absolutely agree with my colleague, Anne, that we always need to give a realistic feedback to all the clients to encourage them appropriately. I am just saying that personally I always try to use an approach with a positive way of the evaluation. I didn’t mean that I am not telling them their faults or deficiencies but I am always trying to use positive tonality (and I am sure just like all the conductors). I think I don’t need to say that “you didn’t do well” if I can say “you can do it better” and there is no negative word in it!

But of course it does always depend on the child’s behavior and status and also the nature of the situation. This is why conductors have the intensive 4 years ‘hands on’ professional training to get ready to judge these situations.
Thank you Anne, keep up the great work and discuss things about CE. I would be always happy to see your opinions on my posts as you help me a lot with this!


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