Interview: Loving challenges in Conductive Education

I did an interview with Agnes Sarkadi-Nagy, a colleague and good friend of mine. We used to work at the same school in Kuwait for a few years but after that she travelled to the USA to start her new life and work in a newly launched school called Brighter Beginnings through Conductive Education what I already mentioned before in one of my entries.



I am curious about how things have gone with her and about her views on Conductive Education in different countries.



Why did you become a conductor?

I was looking for a unique career and started to read about the Peto institute.  I became very interested in how difficult the job was and how challenging it would be.

How did you become involved with this school where you work at right now?

I was looking for a job in the United States and during my search Kelly Morris contacted me.  She needed a conductor for a brand new school she was opening and she offered me a job.

You have worked in many countries. In your experience how different Conductive Education is in these countries?

The first country where I worked long term as a conductor was Kuwait.  The big problem there was that the parents are not involved in their children’s education. School wise the equipment was very limited and the quality was very low.  Since working in the US I have noticed a big attitude difference involving the parents.  They are very much involved in the program and very open minded.  The equipment is of very good quality and the variety of equipment that can be found is better.

For you, what was it like to work at an institute that was only recently launched?

It was a big challenge as entire work programs had to be written.  Trust had to be earned from parents as this type of school was new in the area and the word of the school needed to be spread.  Also being the sole conductor at the school in the beginning was very challenging.

What is your plan for the next few years?

My plan is to stay and work in the United States for the next few years.

Do you have any pieces of advice for recently graduated conductors who plan to work abroad?

Stay open minded, every country you will work in will be very different and you just have to work hard and succeed.

Thank you, Agi for your answers! I wish you the best in your career and hope to see you soon again at the Peto Institute.


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