Resources in Conductive Education: CE and ME

CE and Me is a nice blog about Conductive Education edited by a conductor called Jules. She graduated from NICE in 2004 and currently works for a center called The Legacy Rainbow House which is a CE center in Lancashire, England. I found her thoughts very valuable that we, conductors always need to look back and see ourselves as an outsider.

I feel that we conductors become islands as we are often working alone or in small centres. I have one conductor colleauge and many conductor friends but i still find that in amongst the everyday work we forget to examine what we do, we forget to look back at what we were trained to do, and to see if we are doing the best job that we can.

Among her entries you can find very interesting descriptions and discussions; she also writes about her experience and testimonies of her work. One of my favorite of those is about a young adult who wrote a speech for a fundraising event.

If Tesco sold bottles of Conductive Education I would be having them as part of my weekly shop as it provides a lifeline for anybody that has a physical or learning disability.

Take a look at it!


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