Interview: Anne, the blogger of CE

Anne-Christiane Wittig is a young conductor graduated from the National Institute of Conductive Education in Birmingham in 2006. She is writing a very interesting CE blog called Moving aHEAD- Conductive Consulting about her experience and views and also started some discussions about the different opinions of the conductors which are very instructive. I wanted to know more about Anne so I interviewed her and she kindly accepted to answer my questions.

1.   How did you become involved with Conductive Education?

The first time I heard about Conductive Education was about 14 years ago.  When younger brother, who has Cerebral Palsy was about a year and a half old. my mother took him to Peto institute in Hungary for an assessment. He was accepted and they stayed to attend a four-week intensive CE session. The next time I accompanied them, because someone had to look after my baby sister, who needed to be close to my mom because she was still breastfed. The conductors let me stay in the room while my mom worked with my brother in the group. Most of the language used in the group was Hungarian, so I didn’t understand a lot of what went on but I straight away liked it. The way the conductors related to the children fascinated me and there and then I decided I wanted to be a conductor when I grow up.

2.   Where did you finish your studies of Conductive Education?

I wanted to become a conductor but there was and is no CE degree course in Germany. I researched on the Internet and met with a CE centre in Germany, who suggested to study CE in England. To live in England was another of my childhood dreams, so I decided to try to get into the course there. In 2003 I started studying CE at the University of Wolverhampton and of course the National Institute of Conductive Education in Birmingham. I finished my degree in 2006.

3. What was the reason behind launching a blog? And how does it work?

I follow regularly Conductor Susie Malletts blog and loved the way she writes about CE. She always emphasized that writing her blog made her grow as conductor, so this was part of the reason. Working independently cuts out the opportunity to learn form other conductors. Writing a blog, however,  is a great way to get others peoples opinion about my work and thoughts.

The other reason is that I moved out to British Columbia/ Canada to start my own Conductive Education business -Moving Ahead Conductive Consulting. I knew writing the blog would help to advertise my services and make more contacts.

4.   How much feedback do you get from readers and do your colleagues read your blog?

I get occasional feedback right on my blog. I like those and I try to respond to them as good as I can. I also receive emails I write from other Conductors and CE interested people, which shows me that people read what I have to say. I love the thought exchange.  I value the feedback I receive a lot and since I have started made some great conductors who work in similar settings.

5.   What are your next blog ideas you are working on? What do you expect from blogging in the field of CE?

I have a lot of ideas about different topics and unfortunately not always the time to blog about them. Right now I am actually working on a blog on the principles of CE, in respond to the blogs you wrote recently. However, this turned out to be harder then I expected as it goes into the essences of CE. It is sometimes hard to write those without the access to CE books and materials.

I hope with my blogging to help to bust some Conductive myth and make the understanding of CE clearer to people outside our field. I also hope that I can contribute through my blogging to internal conversation about relevant issues in CE.  And last but not least personal and professional growth in the field I love working in.

Thanks Izabella for interviewing me. I would also be interested in your answers to the above questions. Happy blogging.

Thank you, Anne, for the great answers! I gladly accept the invitation and will send you my answers soon.


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