Conductive Education In Sights

„Conductive Education (CE) is an educational system designed to teach children with motor disabilities, such as cerebral palsy”

I chose this very interesting video to demonstrate Conductive Education in sights. In this video, Viktoria Szolnoki – who is a Hungarian conductor-teacher – talks about the method developed by Andras Peto. She describes why CE is different from any other therapies and says that conductors always see the whole child as a personality and not only the medical deficiencies such as they can’t walk or can’t talk. She thinks the biggest problem of children with Cerebral Palsy is that they are not able to organize their actions. Therefore conductors itemize actions into small movements and teach the children step by step.

I think the comment of a mother below speaks for itself.

„My son is the little boy in the blue t-shirt playing shy in this video. I have to say that Conductive Education is the BEST thing that’s ever happened to him. We were told by physicians to get a wheelchair and adapt Bryce’s world around him. We were told he would never walk. We found Mary and the Conductive Education of Tucson and packed up everything and moved there for 2 months. In 6 weeks my son WALKED!! i can tell you that we owe EVERYTHING to this program and Mary for her dedication!”


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