Resources in Conductive Education: Moving aHEAD

“So what did I really learn about CE? That CE is complicated and simplifying it mostly denies its complexity. CE’s essence is its pedagogy– the way and the art of how we teach.”

Anne-Christiane Wittig wrote this on her blog in a recent entry about her experience of being a student at the a National Institute of Conductive Education.

One of the reasons to start writing her blog was that she didn’t get a chance to work with other conductors and as she wrote in the interview I did with her, she is very open to know about other professionals’ opinions.

„Working independently cuts out the opportunity to learn form other conductors. Writing a blog, however, is a great way to get others peoples opinion about my work and thoughts.”

On Moving aHEAD – Conductive Consulting Anne shares her views and experience about Conductive Education. Anne is very open to new things and to discuss different opinions. I recommend her page with pleasure as I always read her lines with interest.


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