Cerebral Palsy

It is pretty easy to diagnose a child with Cerebral Palsy but it is not possible to prevent it.

On this video Lucinda Carr, a paediatric neurologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital  talks about Cerebral Palsy (CP). She explains the definition of CP and talks about the different causes and aims. Also she says that one of the biggest risks of CP is that the muscles are not working properly so sometimes as part of the treatment children with CP should have orthopedic surgeries as well.

The comments below the video are worth a minute to take a look at them.

„i am 50 now and ended up very disabled cause of an accident , i always look at things like there is always someone worse off than yourself . i have brought up 3 kids and now we are looking at adopting kids with cp . be brave , be proud of who and what you are and be strong .”


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