Love That Max

„It had been the snowiest winter in years, and Dave and I kept worrying that we wouldn’t be able to make it to the hospital. That beautiful snowy day, though, I wasn’t ready to go.”

Ellen, a mother of a child with Cerebral Palsy (CP) started her first story about her son, Max with these thoughts and finished with the following sentences:

 “And that’s the moment when I went from the happiest day of my life to the most devastating one. I couldn’t have imagined how much worse things were going to get.”

Love That Max is a blog about kids with special needs and it is for parents who are struggling with their own kids against CP.



She writes – in details – about the story of Max’s birth and the happenings after in the hospital. About her feelings, her hardships, her own fight for her loving boy, Max and also about their successes and the development of this amazing little boy.

Being a conductor and meeting parents with CP kids, I always try to imagine the hardness of having a child with disability but of course it is impossible.

I read Ellen’s blog curiously with sympathy and full of love and I really think she is the bravest parent I have ever “met”. She gives hope for others; she shares important information and experience that not many are able to. She gives the chance to other parents to be able to process and share their pain and to become prepared to live with Cerebral Palsy!


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