Interview: Integrate therapies into Conductive Education

Anna Kisbalazs is a conductor using other therapies and different treatments to complete the effectiveness of Conductive Education (CE). It is always very difficult to integrate other therapies into CE even if it can be very useful. Anna is one of the professionals who tries it and will always work on it to make it more and more effective and helpful for people with Cerebral Palsy.

Anna and I used to live together in the Peto Institute’s college for the conductor students for 3 years. She attended the Conductor-teacher program and I did the Conductor-kindergarten teacher program. And it was always very good to share our own experiences in different subjects. In this Interview I am asking Anna about her life, her experience and the reason of becoming a conductor.

1. Why did you become a conductor?

I had a high motivation because of my family’s history. I have got three sisters. The youngest twin sisters were premature babies. (The twin babies were born at seven month).

They had a lot of problems in their movements and the development (such as foot deformities, delayed movement development).

One of my sisters also had epilepsy. I was fourteen years old then. My family and I tried to make all efforts to help the Twins. We were looking for an early developer movement center and a special therapist. The twins’ movement is very much improved and settled, overcame the disadvantages. This was the first time that I saw this miracle, the occupations of people offering support to families, people.

So I think here I decided that I want to help people in the future. Then I went to high school, and then admitted to the Peto Institute.

2. Where do you work and what did you study besides Conductive Education?

Besides the conductive work I always learn something else, which helps increase my professional knowledge. So I am a special masseur too besides my conductive jobs (I am a medical masseur) so in addition to conductive education I learned: orthopedy, rheumatology, internal Medicine, dermatology, neurology, traumatology, special massage techniques, I have experience in hydro-and balneotherapy treatments too (I got such practices in Hospitals and SPA-Centers)

 So at the present I am an individual conductor and I have combination therapies according to individual needs. Usually I do healing-medical massage and after I do active conductive development movement for children or adults.

Besides my job I learned: horse therapy, special swimming therapy for children and adults diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

3. As far as I know you participated in other therapies such as dog therapy. Could you please write about that?

Well, yes, it’s a long story. 🙂 Briefly: in my Thesis I wrote in 2007 at the the Peto Institute.

I did dog assisted therapy for children group with CP in the Peto Intstitute. I examined in my thesis: the relationship between conductive education and the dog assisted therapy. I made a movie of the dog assisted occupations too. My thesis won the first prize in the domestic competition and has been designated to student scientific competition. If someone is interested in this, I suggest you watch my film and read my thesis, because it is very difficult to describe in a few lines. 🙂 The film and the thesis is in the Library of the Peto Institute too. 🙂

4. You have worked in many different centers and countries. In your experience how different Conductive Education is in these countries? What are your personal experience in those centers?

I have worked in many places in Hungary and abroad too. 🙂

And I work with every age. In Hungary I had been a conductor for a long time for example:

One special pre-school and kindergarten center in Jászberény (in “Maci” kindergarten) – where I’ve done in the early conductive movement development for children (1-6 ages) and  there I’ve done special conductive Horse-therapy too.

Before that I worked for “Victor Special Home” (in Sződliget) where I worked with disabled adults for a long time. I have experience abroad in Greece and Sweden. I worked with one family in Greece, and in Sweden I was a group leader where I did conductive development in groups for every age (from childhood to adulthood).

I like challenges and I like to help people wherever I am in the world. 🙂 I think that working as an individual conductor and working in centres are different, but these conductive jobs are nice professions. 🙂

I like to work alone and in a center too.  

5. What is your plan for the next few years?

I think you know me very well and you know that I am a very perfectionist person. 🙂

So I would like to learn many things besides my work again. (I am interested in different and other therapies and techniques and I find it necessary beside my Conductive job).

I always like to achieve the best possible result for the disabled people.

I think we need much greater knowledge during our work. I think the CONDUCTOR can always find a “Good-way in the disabled people’s life” and never give up anything.

The conductive work is a profession and not just a job!!!!

I experienced that: Many people live with severe, distinct and complex diagnoses in the world but we can help!

So I would like to continue my profession in the future and I would like to learn other things. I would like to introduce the Conductive Education to those who don’t know it yet and I would like to help many people in the world. 🙂

Thank you, Anna, for your answers. I am really glad to hear about your success and I wish you faith in yourself and your jobs! Keep up the great work!


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