Lokomat teaches people with Cerebral Palsy to walk

Dr. Max Gomez reports that nearly 10,000 are born with Cerebral Palsy in the US every year. One of their biggest challenges is often walking, but there’s a new technology helping them to take steps on their own again.

MacKenzie Maher is a 13 years old girl who was born with a brain injury. She has Cerebral Palsy and is unable to walk. The only way she could get around was to learn how to crawl.

Her mother, Rhonda Maher said:

 “We had to keep MacKenzie on her belly like a wild child to learn to Army crawl.”

The big breakthrough in her ability to walk came when MacKenzie began clinical trials in the Shriners Hospital in Chicago, on a machine called the lokomat. The lokomat works like a robot, teaching patients with CP to walk correctly.

MacKenzie’s endurance improved dramatically.

She said:

“Like before I couldn’t even keep up with my family when I was walking. Now my mom says that I have to actually slow down,”

See her video here!



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