Peto Institute! I love you like that!

Some conductors’ – graduated at the Peto Institute in 2011 – published their ars poetica in one minute about the Institute! They named it: „I love it like that!”

The girl in the video says:

“I am not a therapist, I don’t wear white robe and I am never tired. I have the world’s most beautiful and hardest profession and – except me – almost nobody understands what I think when I say: Conductor. The lying program is before the group standing program; and I am not happy when people think I am a physiotherapist. I proudly think of the bus number 156, the well done final exams and the institution’s kitchen. I love the plinth, the stick, the ladder back chair and the small ladder back chair. I work here in the heart of Buda, we are the emperors of complexity and yes we have the most beautiful ladies on Earth working here. Peto Institute. I love you like that.”

People might not understand all the sentences but for us – conductors – those words mean a lot!

I am personally proud that they used my video as well to create this amazing composition!

Well done guys! You did a great job! 🙂


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