Family faces Cerebral Palsy

Hannah Peels – like most of the 9-years-old girls nowadays – appreciates the music of Justin Bieber. Unlike those other girls, Hannah struggles on a daily basis with Cerebral Palsy.
She was adopted at  the age of 8 months by Gary and Lori Peels. Hannah was born prematurely at 28 weeks, weighing only 2 pounds and 5.6 ounces due to a ruptured placenta. The new family realized the extent of just how bad these health problems could be when Hannah turned 18 months old.

In this post you can read about their special life. They changed their lifestyle and their daily routine according to Hannah’s needs. They built special things into her daily activities that all special children need. Hannah likes to play Wii games with her parents.
„ They go through many used Wii games from a local game store to try out to see if Hannah's hands can manage the controls for each game.”

In the Peto Institute conductors also use Wii Games to motivate children for movements. Those games allow them to experience such motions that they are not able to manage.

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