That’s why it’s worth it!


Yesterday morning Vanda – my colleague – was leading the group standing program. Usually we – conductors – start the programs with an awareness game to let the children dissolve and get ready for the tasks!

Vanda started with the game in which we cover somebody’s eyes and someone else has to make a sound (even an altered sound) and the covered eyes one has to figure out who is that based on the sound.

In our group the children and the young adults are from different countries and they speak different languages, therefore usually conductors start the game to make sure everybody understands that. Vanda asked me if I wanted to start, and of course I said yes! 🙂

I stood in the middle and she covered my eyes. In a few second I recognized one of the girls’ voice but in the next second I heard someone else. I was about to be confused when I suddenly felt Harry’s heavy hand on my shoulder and they lustily started singing the  “Happy birthday” song to me! They pranked me! 🙂 They pranked me and they greeted me on my birthday! 🙂

I wanted to share this feeling with all of you because it was amazing and very touching! We are like a big family now! 🙂


Me with few of my colleagues, and our teenangels! 🙂

Thank you all guys! You really made my day! ❤






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