Michael, the Superhero!

This is Michael! And you believe me or not, he is a Superhero! 🙂


Kathryn U. Hulings is the writer of the book called  “Life with a Superhero” and it is about raising her son who has Down Syndrome. I had a chance to have this book and have the most wonderful experience in my life what a  book can give you!

“I could have never predicted how he would make me analyze life with a mischievous, chuckling eye instead of a sad and heavy heart; or how he would make me laugh harder than I’ve ever laughed before; or how I would feel moments of terror I did not know existed; or  finally, how by loving me for the complete and total dork I am, he would allow me, for the first time in my life, to see myself as whole, as someone who mattered.”

This is a quote of Kathryn in her book. After giving birth to 4 wonderful children, she and her husband decided to adopt a baby. A baby who needs them, who needs their help. Not just for that moment they adopted him – but for his whole life, in each and every moment!


“Over twenty years ago, in a small Israeli town, a desperate mother told a remarkable lie.
She told her friends and family that her newborn child had died. That lie became the
catalyst for the unfolding truth of the adoption of that same baby—Michael—who is, in
fact, very much alive and now twenty-two years old. He also has Down syndrome.

When Kathryn Hulings adopted Michael as an infant, she could not have known that he
would save her life when she became gravely ill and was left forever physically
compromised. Her story delights in how Michael’s life and hers, while both marked by
difference and challenge, are forever intertwined in celebration and laughter.”

This book is instructive, touching and absolutely priceless and I am so thankful to have it!


Next time I will come up with the interview with the author, Kathryn!

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