I am a Conductor and I am proud of it!

This is me, I am a conductor. No, I am not a therapist and I am not checking bus tickets but I have the most wonderful profession on Earth!

Every morning I wake up and go to the Peto Institute where I play with Angels!

Izabella Meskó-Vajda

Dear Readers, dear Colleagues,

I started collecting photos of conductors who are proud of their job! Not just only from the Peto Institute, but from everywhere in the world!

Vanda Wölfel
Máté Papp

Because being a conductor is not only a profession, it is a lifestyle, a vocation, a commitment!

Gabriella Gephard
Lotti and Eszter

It is uplifting, lovable and honorific to be a helping hand!

Kurucz Petra és Pénzes Edina

Ildikó Kukely
If you are also a proud conductor and you would like to be part of this collection, just send me your photo! 🙂

Thanks for those who already helped me starting this wonderful photo album!

We are Conductors, and we are awesome! 🙂


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