Inklusion macht stark

All children at the Niederaudorf Elementary School learn together. The highly gifted, the severely disabled and all children in between, all of them are welcome – here, diversity is a chance, not an obstacle.
How does this work?
Physical Education every day, when only 3 lessons per week are required?
Isn’t it mure more exhausting to educate children of different age together?
Disabled children and Children suffering from ADHD in addition to children without disabilities – isn’t an elementary school teacher already highly challenged by a “normal” class?
Interdisciplinary teamwork at an elementary school?
“These and many more questions will be answered in the movie “Inclusion strengthens“. We show the answers, based upon the quesioned “What do we want for our children?”, asked to the founders of Niederaudorf Elementary School. The movie shows, that it’s not only about integrating special children, but also about the added value this brings along. It shows that “Learning from each other” is a successful concept which works perfectly at an Elementary School and points far beyond it. And last but not least, that it can be financed inside the German School System.”
The movie has been escorting the school since its foundation and gives evidence of the successes and problems of this project. We want to make inclusion possible and spread it. Other schools can benefit from our experiences – we want to encourage them and we want to show that it’s worth it.
The management and the pedagogic director of Niederaudorf Elementary School will answer any further questions with pleasure! Please do not hesitate to contact them!

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