“Change the planning laws and the Building Code Of Australia so all members of our community especially those with a profound disability have access to suitable toileting and change facilities.”



“This is my son Liam, he is 12 years old. Liam has cerebral palsy and other chromosomal abnormalities which leave him severely intellectually and physically disabled.”

“Liam is also incontinent and wears nappies. Our big problem is when we go out into the community there is no change facility/ toilet to change Liam’s nappy.”

Please sign this petition to change the Building code of Australia. All new public buildings or renovations to older buildings should have upgraded toileting/ changing facilities to meet the needs of everyone in their communities especially the most vulnerable.

Thank you!



Gubbio is an app that uses visual support to help children with autism understand their parents’ messages. Therefore children feel safe, independent, and motivated to do their everyday duties.
For parents, Gubbio provides fast, easy methods and tools that really work with their child.”


“Parents and children can define an avatar for the child. Personal data, pictures, videos of the family and other information can also be added to flesh out the uniqueness of your child and family.”


Inklusion macht stark

All children at the Niederaudorf Elementary School learn together. The highly gifted, the severely disabled and all children in between, all of them are welcome – here, diversity is a chance, not an obstacle.
How does this work?
Physical Education every day, when only 3 lessons per week are required?
Isn’t it mure more exhausting to educate children of different age together?
Disabled children and Children suffering from ADHD in addition to children without disabilities – isn’t an elementary school teacher already highly challenged by a “normal” class?
Interdisciplinary teamwork at an elementary school?
“These and many more questions will be answered in the movie “Inclusion strengthens“. We show the answers, based upon the quesioned “What do we want for our children?”, asked to the founders of Niederaudorf Elementary School. The movie shows, that it’s not only about integrating special children, but also about the added value this brings along. It shows that “Learning from each other” is a successful concept which works perfectly at an Elementary School and points far beyond it. And last but not least, that it can be financed inside the German School System.”
The movie has been escorting the school since its foundation and gives evidence of the successes and problems of this project. We want to make inclusion possible and spread it. Other schools can benefit from our experiences – we want to encourage them and we want to show that it’s worth it.
The management and the pedagogic director of Niederaudorf Elementary School will answer any further questions with pleasure! Please do not hesitate to contact them!

Plan and Reality :)

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Tegan’s Cerebral Palsy Story in Animation



We, the founders of MagikMe are parents as well.

Three of us have both disabled and non-disabled children.

We often visit playgrounds like regular families with small kids, but for us it way too often feels like participating in an obstacle race.

With our playground equipment we aim to ease difficulties while creating an enjoyable , fun and comfortable playing environment.

We would like to help disabled and able-bodied children and their families to find ways to play together and to cooperate.

First in the playground and later anywhere in life.




Samuel’s story

Margarita Lopez lives for days like this one — when son Samuel Saez is not crying, when he responds to her caresses, when he seems to know what’s going on around him. There aren’t many of these, but enough to keep her going.

“You learn to treasure mornings like this,” says Lopez, 44. “You thank God for them”


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“You have to love your children however they are,” she adds. She bends over Samuel and coos to him, “Isn’t that so? Isn’t that so?”

Samuel lifts his head, bobbing to and fro and searches for his mother’s voice.


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