A really good friend of mine once asked me: Why do you work with possibly the most complicated child population on Earth?

This question raises ideas in my head and my curiosity motivated me to start to make interviews with my colleagues, other professionals and people involved with Conductive Education or Cerebral Palsy.

I would like to know their views and thoughts about this question and about CE in general.

1. Launching a school for a child with cerebral palsy

The first interview I made was with Kelly Morris, a mother of a child with Cerebral Palsy. The absence of Conductive Education close to their region was the reason for her to launch a CE school for her daughter facing all the difficulties.

2. Loving challenges in Conductive Education

In the next interview I asked my friend and colleague, Agnes Sarkadi-Nagy who gave her previous life up and travelled to the USA to support Kelly Morris and become the sole conductor in the newly launched Conductive Education school.

3. Anne, the blogger of CE

Anne-Christiane Wittig is a young conductor graduated from the National Institute of Conductive Education in Birmingham in 2006. She is writing a very interesting CE blog called Moving aHEAD-Conductive Consulting about her experience and views and also started some dicussions about the different opinions of the conductors which are very instructive.

4. Integrate therapies into Conductive Education

Anna Kisbalazs is a conductor using other therapies and different treatments to complete the effectiveness of Conductive Education (CE). It is always very difficult to integrate other therapies into CE even if it can be very useful. Anna is one of the professionals who tries it and will always work on it to make it more and more effective and helpful for people with Cerebral Palsy.


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